Beautiful Gifts made from natural elements for any occasion, in the North West of Ireland.

Drop me a line!

I know it's a pain but, Please read through the following before getting in touch as it saves a lot of time.


*You need to provide a title or Idea, have you looked through the samples here on the website for ideas, existing samples can be altered to suit.  Also, see the Custom Gallery here

What I need to know is:

Have you got a Title? 

(I generally don't put "Happy Anything" on the front of pictures as it reads and dates like a card and I'd like you to get the long term love for your picture, no brainer right! ). Also, you don't put your own name on the front of a picture, Like... With love Mary & Tom, NOOOOOO, It's ok for little kids but not for Adults. 

How many birds etc... 

Any extra details, don't go too crazy now! but try me, I'll be honest if it's doable or let you know if it's just bonkers. There is a charge for each addition, best to ask for a quote after putting all your ideas together. 

Names & Date. Place name if needed. 

What frame colour Black or White?  

Post or Collection? 

Make sure you input your email address correctly so I can reply to your query, happens!

Finally, *Please allow enough time for your order to be made, everything is handmade to order, If you have a time constraint please disclose this early on. *Note that pebbles and pieces of driftwood are not all the same, so there will always be slight variations in the final design. 

Watercolour portraits: Attach your order number and photos here and follow with a phone call to confirm your image is acceptable 0863853990 Mon to Fri 9.30 to 5pm

I can't wait to hear from you,