Handmade Gifts created from nature for any occasion.

The Story

The  Story,

My Name is Elaine and I am the creator of Marshall Made it!

I’m a Wife to Gary, and a Mother to 3 Boys, 2 that are all grown up, and 1 who will never leave his Mammy.

I've always been creative, My parents taught me how to make and fix things, Which I believe encouraged my creative mind.

I am a qualified Interior Designer, I worked in the industry for 15 years. 

I made my first Marshall Made it!  after a playful game with my then 3 year old son, We played birdies with pebbles on the front step on a sunny day in May 2014. Little did I know how popular it would become, a household name now in many homes in my native Sligo.

I've posted parcels all over the world and I'm grateful every day for this opportunity to put a smile on someone's face.

I hope you find something you like today,

Now let's make something beautiful.